New Family Information Hub

Welcome to Dulwich College Suzhou

Our New Family Information Hub is designed to help support your transition to our College.  Please ensure that you have read, and where necessary complete and submit, all of the below to make your child's first day at the College as seamless and enjoyable as possible. For any questions, please contact our Admissions Team at

Welcome from our Headmaster

"On behalf of the Dulwich College Suzhou community I warmly welcome you to the College. I look forward to supporting your children’s education and trust that you find this information hub a helpful resource. Our community is at its strongest when we work together with common purpose, thank you for joining us on this journey."

Mike O'Connor


Maria English
It has been an absolute pleasure and delight to work with each one of you through our admissions process at Dulwich College Suzhou. I am proud of this community which truly values the whole-child and seeks to bring the best educational experience we can offer that balances the rigour of tradition with the innovation of the future. I look forward to seeing each and everyone of you at our events, performances and conferences and do hope you will make the most of all we have to offer at DCSZ. 
- Maria English, Director of Admissions
School Uniforms
School Uniforms image

Prior to the start of school, we will host a Uniform Day for students to try on and pick up new uniforms.  We encourage our families to take advantage of our Online Uniform Shop for convenient ordering and shipping to your home address. 

Campus Uniform Shop

Our on campus uniform shop is located in the Senior School Atrium next to the library.   

Operation Time:  Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8:30am-11:30pm and 12:30pm to 4:10pm 

Phone number: 0512 6295 7542

Store Manager: Sunny He, 

Note that the Uniform Shop is also closed during school holidays.  

Online Uniform Shop

We also provide an online Uniform Shop for your convenience. 

Please follow the steps in our Online Uniform Shop User Manual.  There is also an FAQ if you need additional support. 

• School Code: SZ20DC

• Your unique student ID: (this will be found on your Admissions Welcome Letter)

• Student family name

You can order at your convenience and the uniform will be delivered directly by courier to any address in China, or you can choose to pick up from the on-campus uniform shop.

For further details, you can check the online uniform shop user manual.

Second Hand Uniforms

Friends of Dulwich (FOD) will collect and resell clean and gently-used uniforms at school events. This will be communicated through our weekly newsletters. 

School Bus
School Bus image

Our bus service covers many residential areas in Suzhou. To register for the school bus, please download the Transportation Request Form and email to 

Important Notes:

1) DUCKS Foundation Stage students (Toddler, Nusery and Reception) will have a separate morning bus schedule to accommodate the 9:00am starting time.  

2) Bus routes cannot be changed once they are set as each route is specifically approved by the local city government. Before settling your residence, please check with our transportation office ( to ensure that the bus route has availability to accommodate your child(ren).The seat capacity for the more popular bus routes can fill up early.

3) Students riding the bus must wear face masks per COVID-19 mitigation regulations. 

ID Cards
ID Cards image

Each student will be issued a ID card with a school lanyard on the first day of school.  The ID card is necessary to enter campus and is also the lunch card for students.  

1) DUCKS student IDs will be handed over to the classroom teachers.  Students in DUCKS are only allowed to enter the school with an accompanying parent or guardian with an ID card. 

2) Junior School students will be responsible for their own ID cards..  The classroom teachers will collect the cards each morning and return to the student at the end of the day.  

3) Senior School students will be responsilbe for their own ID cards and should wear their ID throughout the day.  

4) Parents and guardians must wear their ID card to enter the campus and at all times on the College premises.   Parents can request an ID Card using the form in the link below. 


Lunch Service
Lunch Service image

Sodexo is our catering provider and utilize a wechat platform to share the weekly menu, track spending and also top up your child's account. Please see the attached documents with explanation of how to start your Sodexo lunch accounts. For the initial registration, you will need your child's unique ID which will come in your Admissions Letter.  Please click on the instruction manual and follow the steps to setting up your child's lunch card. 

DCSZ Lunch Card Wechat Platform Instructions (English/Chinese)

DCSZ Lunch Card Wechat Platform Instructions (English/Korean)

Medical Form
Medical Form image

The medical form and vaccination records must be submitted prior to the start of school.  Please download and submit the form along with a copy of your vaccination records to our College Nurse team at  The medical form and vaccination records must be submitted before the first day fo school. 

College and School Handbooks
College and School Handbooks image

Our College and individual School Handbooks provide the essential information, policy and guidelines for our school. Please do take the time to read through the handbooks as well as utilize them as your reference guide. 

*2021-22 College and School Handbook links will be ready the second week of August 2021*

Co-Curricular Activities (CCAs)
Co-Curricular Activities (CCAs) image

We offer a wide range of exciting CCAs for student to explore, enrich and engage to further develop their interests and passions. Sign ups for CCAs take place each term via our Schoolsbuddy platform.You will receive the Schoolsbuddy invitation to login within the first week of starting school. For questions, please contact our activities office at 

Technology Platforms
Technology Platforms image

Technology and the ability to be agile both in online and offline environments is a necessary skill to be future ready in a changing world.  At Duwlich College Suzhou. we utilize a variety of developmentally appropriate frameworks and platforms to engage our learners.  

Friends of Dulwich (FOD)
Friends of Dulwich (FOD) image

Friends of Dulwich (FoD) is an integral part of our community in coordinating events, service projects and supporting our new families to settle into life in Suzhou.  Each year, we invite all parents to be a part of the FoD and to participate in supporting many of the events happening in and outside of the College.  To connect witih FoD please email

School Life

Below are a selection of recent stories from our College community.