Senior School

We aim to develop confident, thoughtful, outward-looking young people.

We deliver a rigorous academic programme but believe that successful students are not defined solely by their attainment in tests and exams. Our programme of study allows students to maintain breadth as well as depth, based on the National Curriculum for England and Wales leading up to the IGCSE syllabus and the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP). The IBDP is an internationally recognised programme providing opportunities for collaboration and student-led, in-depth research into areas of interest.

Our co-curricular programme provides opportunities for students to excel in sports and performing arts and we encourage all our students to take part in a service project or join a community group.


Dulwich College Suzhou is the DCI group's first boarding school in China. Just thirty minutes away from Shanghai, our College offers full time and flexible boarding for students aged over eleven years old.

Boarding Options

Full boarding - Seven days a week during term-time.

Weekly boarding - Five or six nights a week, going home after school finishes on Friday and returning on Sunday evening or Monday morning.

Flexi-boarding - Between one and four nights a week. This option fulfils the twin aims of helping parents to juggle the various demands of family life and allowing children to experience the benefits of boarding for part of the week. We aim to be as flexible as possible within our available capacity. Flexi-boarders are treated as full boarders on their chosen boarding days. Flexi-boarding is now available to pupils in Junior School from the age of eight upwards. Students below Year 6 are not allowed to board more than four nights a week.

Day Boarding - Students come to the boarding house after school for monitored work sessions. They have dinner and then complete another work session finishing at 7:30pm. The on site teacher and a gap student provide supervision. Transport home must be arranged by parents for this option.