Academic Results

We are thrilled to announce the exceptional achievements of our Class of 2023 students for their IB results. Our students have obtained an impressive average score of 37.5, in comparison to the global average of 30.2 this year.

We are proud to share that 36% of our students have achieved scores of more than 40, including one student who achieved a full score of 45, and four students who achieved a remarkable score of 44. Our results for Extended Essay (EE) this year have been the highest in our history with 32% of our students being awarded as A. We also have one of the highest amount of bilingual diplomas.

IB Results

- From Mr David Massiah, Head of College

"I am so proud to see our school excelling in academic excellence for all our students. We achieved the best international school results in the region, being the top school to attend for academic excellence and holistic well rounded education. Congratulations to all our staff, students and community support. We have also massively beaten the global world average of 30.2, reflecting our position of being a regional and global leader.  

Having students who achieve a perfect score of 45 shows that our school is in a strong position to excel in every aspect of the IBDP - one of the toughest programs for 16-18 year olds in the world, which is highly respected by top universities globally. All of this has happened despite recent years being affected by Covid.  Our staff continue to be positive, persevere, innovate and care for every child. We also have one of the highest amount of bilingual diplomas which makes these results even more impressive. I am so proud to see that we have not compromised on academics, quality teaching and supporting all our students. This reflects how our students are championing our ethos to develop academic excellence, passion, well rounded character, service, critical and creative thinking, and international mindsets. I look forward to our graduating students pursuing their passions further and making a difference in society, as our school goes from strength to strength into the future."

- From Dr Mark Jones, Head of Senior School

"I am incredibly proud of the exceptional IB results achieved by our students. The students’ remarkable performance is a testament to their unwavering commitment to academic excellence and the outstanding support provided by our dedicated faculty.

These students underwent particularly challenging times with their Year 11 and IB years impacted by COVID restrictions. However, they still excelled, reflecting their hard work and determination and highlighting the effectiveness of our holistic approach to education in nurturing well-rounded, globally-minded individuals. Well done to the Class of 2023, and we look forward to seeing all of your success at university and beyond!"

These outstanding results are a testament to the hard work, perseverance and dedication of our students, families and our staff. As a College, despite the challenges of recent years, we have steadfastly continued our commitment to academic excellence and standards, recruiting the highest quality teaching staff and implementing strong pedagogical and assessment processes and procedures which promote transparency and student engagement and agency in their learning.

These IB results are serving as a strong foundation for the next stage of our students’ life in their BestFit universities. To date, our Class of 2023 students have obtained offers from the below universities in the world, and we will keep updating our community about more.