Co-Curricular Activities

At Dulwich College, the Co-Curricular Activity (CCA) programme covers all of the activities that take place outside of the taught curriculum. We consider this to be an integral part of the students’ journey through their schooling, as it affords an opportunity for students to experience and deepen their interests and abilities in a wide range of areas. 

We firmly believe that the CCA programme is a vital component of the student experience, as it not only serves to complement and extend learning from the classroom, but it also helps to develop student health and wellbeing. It is often through the CCA programme that students find life-long interests, as well as meet and make new friends with like-minded individuals. Through their active participation in the CCA programme, students will stretch boundaries and be exposed to new challenges and experiences, developing the social and interpersonal skills necessary to succeed in this rapidly changing world. 

We pride ourselves on offering a wide range of activities as part of our CCA programme, all with specified learning intentions and outcomes designed to ensure that students are being actively developed and engaged through their participation. We are constantly seeking to improve and refine our CCA programme to ensure that all students have their interests catered for, and to enable students to interact and make friends with peers outside of their usual social circles. 

There are 3 components to the College CCA programme: Enrichment; The Arts; and Sport. The Enrichment focus consists of a range of academic Societies that reflect students’ key learning areas. Some examples of the Societies being offered is a Science Society, a Debating Society, and a Technology Society. Participating in a Society provides students with opportunities to explore more diverse topics than the prescribed curriculum. Junior School students can also participate in additional Special Interest Clubs that don’t fall within the realm of a Society, but still provide students with the opportunity to engage in a specific area of learning.

Recognising that our students are at very different stages of their development, we have created the following structure for the Enrichment offerings:

•  Experiment (DS) – DUCKS students will regularly change their CCA choices, so they have the chance to experiment with a range of new ideas and interests

•  Development (JS) – As many Junior School students will have an interest area which is subject to change, they will have the flexibility to select new CCAs each term. This will give them the chance to develop their interest in one area, whilst providing them with opportunities to engage with new ideas

• Extension (SS) – By the time students reach Senior School they have a good idea of their interests. We want them to deepen and extend their learning within a chosen Society and be able to demonstrate true commitment. Therefore, Senior School students will make a year-long commitment to a chosen Enrichment CCA(s).

The Arts is another very important aspect of the CCA programme. The Arts includes Music, Art, Dance and Drama, providing an opportunity for students to engage in activities involving skill and imagination. Any student who registers for a Music CCA is required to commit to that CCA for the full school year. 

Sport will always be a core component of the CCA Programme, offering students a broad range of recreational and competitive activities to participate in. Sport can be seasonal therefore providing students with the opportunity to participate at different times of the school year. A re-design of the Sport programme has allowed for more flexibility and student choice between Sport, Enrichment and The Arts.

Please download a copy of our Term 3 CCA Booklet below.

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The Arts

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Events and Trips

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