Digital Experience At Dulwich

Nick Casey, Director of Teaching and Learning,explains the values and philosophy of the student digital learning experience at Dulwich College Suzhou. 

Student Technology Platforms 

These tutorials will support you in setting up the technology platforms that we utilize both on and offline at Dulwich College Suzhou.   

In DUCKS Seesaw is utilized throughout the school year as an online portfolio showcasing your child's growth.  On SeeSaw you can post comments and view pictures and videos of your child's progess.  

Teams is utlized in DUCKS only for online learning to deliver live lessons.  DUCKS students do not need to have a login (username and password) for a Teams Account.  Each live lesson link will be published for you to click and link to the lesson without having to login.  

Junior School utilizes two programmes to deliver the online learning experience: 

Microsoft Teams: this is for the online live lessons only

For uitlizing Teams in Junior School you will need your Dulwich student email address and password. 

SeeSaw:  for assigments offline and as an online portfolio for the academic year

For SeeSaw you will receive a QR code for the Class App from your class teacher.  There is also a Family App available if you have more than one child.  You can contact your School Office to help you set up the Family App.  

Junior School Setting Up SeeSaw and Teams with Chinese and Korean translation

In DCSZ, SchoolsBuddy system is used across the whole college when parents register for CCA programs, make school bus change requests and book Parent Teacher Conference (PTC) sessions. Please watch the video here to check out the introduction about the system. You can also find a guidance on the SchoolsBuddy system at the back of our CCA Handbook.

SchoolsBuddy System Introduction Video
Microsoft Teams Tutorials

Senior School Microsoft Teams Tutorials

Follow these four video tutorials to quickly get your Teams account set up and running. 

Video 1:  Logging in to and changing your password

Video 2: Navigating Teams

Video 3: Class Notebook


Video 4: Assignments

Online Guidelines for Parents and Students

Please read carefully our guidelines to online learning which prioritize safeguarding and the optimal learning experience for our students during online learning.