Pioneering Spirit Grant Awards for Student Success

Jordan and Lauren - Mobile Makerspaces

Dulwich College is well known for its pioneering spirit.

We are the first British independent school to establish a campus in China; the first to develop a 2 - 18 years old Mandarin programme among international schools and our students achieve top scores in the IB Native Mandarin pathway consistently; the first to launch a cross-curriculum approach to STEAM, with SE21 being the physical space across our schools where students go to ideate and engineer the physical production of their dreams. 

With this sentiment, we are delighted to announce that Jessica Richards, Lauren Bull and Jordan McIntyre from Dulwich College Suzhou have been awarded a highly-coveted, international education award called the “Pioneering Spirit Grant” by Dulwich College International for their PE21 Reflection Centred-learning Project and Mobile Makerspaces Project respectively. 

The Pioneering Spirit Grant is awarded to full-time Dulwich Colleges school teachers and librarians to develop pedagogy, curriculum and/or learning environments that utilise new technologies, delivery methods or tools to contribute to student success.  


What is the Mobile Makerspaces Project?

Mobile Makerspaces is a collection of STEAM-related technologies, materials, and tools housed in four portable carts that will rotate between the Senior School libraries at Dulwich College Suzhou and Dulwich College Shanghai Pudong. The contents of each cart are devised around a particular theme: audio-visual production, arts and crafts, creative construction, or robotics. The carts will be available for students and staff either to use in the library, or to borrow for use in the classroom, laboratory, etc. 


What is the PE21 Reflection Centred-Learning Project?

This project introduces technology into PE lessons where students can do PE self-analysis using special camera-recording and get instant feedback from teachers and peers while being able to share their results through an online platform and working towards improving their PE performances based on the recorded footage and analysed data. 


As STEAM is all about interdisciplinary connections, collaboration and a strong focus on experiential learning, we are proud that our teachers are developing student dispositions and skills beyond content and knowledge-based learning across disciplines. Congratulations once again to our winners, Jessica Richards, Lauren Bull and Jordan McIntyre, for winning the Pioneering Spirit Grant Awards and we look forward to publishing more outstanding work from the aforementioned projects in the near future. 


Jessica Richards