Parent Academy

DCSZ Parent Academy

Parent Academy is a signature series of workshops dedicated to inform, engage and dialogue with our parent community on the Dulwich Difference.  We believe that parents are valued partners in delivering a world class education that prepares our students to confidently navigate an ever evolving global society. 


Parent Academy Schedule(Term 1)

24 September   Academic Learning Suite at DCSZ

22 October   Digital Learning in DCSZ

18 November    Supporting Bilingual Learners at Home (For DUCKS Parents)

19 November    Introduction to IB Ethos and Curriculum

25 November    How to Support with Phonics at Home (For DUCKS Parents)

2 December    Zones of Regulation - Supporting Behaviour and Emotional Development at home (For DUCKS Parents)

Parent Academy Schedule(Term 2)

14 January    Updates from Headmaster on New Teacher Recruitment 2021/2022

21 January    Parent Academy Workshop for Year 9 and Year 11 Options (For SS Parents)

28 January    Introduction to Lesson Evaluation

2 March   Supporting Maths at Home (For DUCKS Parents)

9 March   Chinese Teaching and Learning at DCSZ

11 March   Mathematics Teaching and Learning at DCSZ

16 March  Using Technology to Support Learning (For DUCKS Parents)

25 March   CCA Activity Selection - Info Session

Academic Learning Suite image
Academic Learning Suite

The Academic Learning Suite defines “the Dulwich Difference”.


It provides information on how the curriculum, pedagogy, assessment and reporting cycle is developed, administered and supervised at the College. Adherence to the principles, policies and expectations of the Academic Learning Suite ensures that all students are taught WorldWise, that they will Learn WorldWise, enabling them to successfully Graduate WorldWise ready and equipped to Live WorldWise. For our community, one of the takeaways from session can be “how does the Academic Learning Suite affect my child(ren)’s learning at DCSZ”. Please check the details of the Academic Learning Suite before you attend the session. 

Digital Learning at Dulwich College Suzhou image
Digital Learning at Dulwich College Suzhou

The session will focus on introducing the principles and pedagogy of digital literacy at Dulwich College Suzhou. 

Introduction to IB image
Introduction to IB

We would like to organise a session to introduce the structure and content of IB to parents.

We will advise how our teaching approach is in IB, and what suggestions we can give to parents in order to support them to get the students prepared.

DCSZ Introduction to IB

DUCKS Parent Academy image
DUCKS Parent Academy

This term’s programme will explore how to support your child's learning at home.

Our teachers will talk about their subject in depth, provide opportunities for discussions and plan for hands-on learning opportunities.

Parent Academy provides an opportunity for parents to meet together and hear from DUCKS Teachers about the issues that matter to you, providing relevant and up-to-date information about a wide range of factors that affect our children’s development. We hope that this will become a secure social network, with parents supporting each other with the diverse challenges and delights of bringing-up young children. 

Parent Academy will take place on Wednesdays from 1.40 - 2.30pm over Zoom on the 18th, 25th November and the 2nd of December. The three sessions this term will cover the following themes: 

Session 1

‘Supporting Bilingual learners at home’ with Beth MacLennan

When should I introduce reading and writing in my child’s home language? Will it harm their English development? If you have these questions, this workshop is for you! In this session, Miss MacLennan will discuss how to support bilingual students at home.

Session 2

‘How to support with phonics at home’ with Angela Hutchinson

Would you like to learn how we teach children to read at school?  This workshop will be phonics based and will cover learning English letter sounds, blending and segmenting. You will also learn some games to play with your child to support their early reading skills.

Session 3

‘Zones of Regulation - Supporting behaviour and emotional development at home’ with Jessica Gbadago

The Zones of Regulation is a programme utilised in classrooms across DUCKS. The programme is designed to foster self-regulation and emotional control. A great deal of recent research highlights the importance of effective self-regulation strategies for learners, revealing significant impacts on both academic performance and wellbeing throughout life. In this workshop, Ms Gbadago will discuss the 'four' Zones of Regulation and provide you with tools and strategies that you can use at home, to help your child self-regulate.

If you have any questions, please contact Miss Beth MacLennan at The sessions will also be pre-recorded and shared with the parent community sometime after the live session. 

Introduction to Lesson Evaluation image
Introduction to Lesson Evaluation

Lesson Evaluations are about how DCSZ makes assessment on the classes delivered by our teaching staff.

It is an essential part of teacher development and growth, as they inculcate a culture in which challenges, ideas, and expertise are shared in a collaborative manner and barriers around teacher improvement are broken down. Mr O’Connor, our Headmaster delivered the session about this topic on 28 Jan.

Mandarin in DCSZ image
Mandarin in DCSZ

This session provides a general picture about DCSZ teaching and learning on Mandarin.

The Heads of Mandarin across the College explains how we structure Mandarin lessons and what support can parents provide to their children in order to better support their learning.

Maths at DCSZ image
Maths at DCSZ

This session focuses on introduction about DCSZ teaching and learning on Mathematics.

It provides a general picture about how we structure homework and assessment as well as teaching methodology in Maths.

CCA Information Session image
CCA Information Session

Our senior leaders from all of the three schools came together in delivering the CCA information session to our parents.

The session guides parents on the philosophy as well as the learning structure of the CCA sessions across the three schools.

ELL Parent Academy image
ELL Parent Academy

Our two Heads of ELL from Junior School and Senior School hosted a session about how to support children’s English study at home if your English is not strong enough.

In particular, for the benefits of our Chinese speaking parents, we provided Chinese translation onsite for this one.