The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award (DofE Award)

What is The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award?

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award (DofE) is the world's leading youth achievement award, operated by over 22000 accredited providers in over 140 countries. The names of the individual operating authorities often differ from nation to nation, but the DofE award and its prestigious reputation with universities, employers, policy makers and leaders in society remain unchanged and consistent. 

What does the DofE award do for you? 

The award equips young people for life regardless of their background, culture, physical ability, skills and interests. Doing the Award is a personal challenge and not a competition against others; it pushes young people to their personal limits and recognises their achievements. 

DofE award history in Suzhou 

Since its launch over 60 years ago, the Award has inspired millions of young people to transform their lives. Through non-formal education and learning, the DofE award can play a critical role in a young person’s personal development and is achievable by any 14-24 year old who wants to take up the challenge.

Completion of the award 

To facilitate the successful completion of the Duke of Edinburgh's International Award, the trips organised by the College for China Week allow participants to complete the Adventurous Journey component of the Bronze and Silver Awards. The College’s extensive Co-Curricula Activities programme and wide-ranging leadership opportunities then allow students to succeed in the three remaining sections of the Award: Physical Recreation, Skills and Voluntary Service.

This is the link to the DoE’s IA website:

You can learn more about The Duke of Edinburgh's Award in the video below, where we elaborate that the award, is split

The video below elaborates more about The Duke of Edinburgh's award, which is split into four sections including voluntary service, physical recreation, skills section and adventurous journey, aimed to inspire and develop our students to take charge of their lives.

What is The Duke of Edinburgh Award?