A Quick Snapshot - Stunning Experience from Olympiad

We are delighted to share that a group of our students joined the iconic event, Dulwich Olympiad this week together with the wider Dulwich family students. The Dulwich Olympiad, which takes place every four years, is held in Singapore this time. 

Over 1,000 students from 13 schools across the world participate in the event this week. For many of our students, it is their first time to be part of the signature event of Dulwich family. For them, this is an incredible action-packed five days of skill, talent, creativity, competition, collaboration, teamwork, and friendship. 


By Mr David Massiah, Head of College

“Greetings from Singapore, from our 4 yearly Olympiad.  Students from Dulwich schools across the globe have come together for a week creative celebration, cultural exploration, and friendly competition in sports, arts, music and drama. The opening ceremony captured the array of cultural celebration from Indian Dhol drums being played, Chinese dancing fans and much more, but most of all with an amazing dance literally of light which captures the beauty of hope in bringing people together and the ideals of the Olympic flame. 

I was struck by seeing out student Alex running the home stretch of the 100 meters relay final neck and neck with an opposing runner and then embracing after the finish – competition and camaraderie!  I’ve been proud of our student Aiden winning gold in the high jump, Rex winning gold and Ryan winning bronze in badminton. 

Our students have been enthralled with visiting art galleries in Singapore and watching a live international football match in the national stadium!  We await the final art exhibition and music performance later today. I’m left captivated by a moment of the choir, with teachers like Mr Edmund Shellard (our Director of Arts) and our student Leonie, singing side by side along with students and staff from across the globe and then suddenly hearing the inspiring HARMONY and BEAUTY as they sang the song Sehati (one heart) by Tracy Wong.”

We would like to extend a big thank you to our participating students, families, staff, all of the Dulwich family schools as well as the hosting school - Dulwich College (Singapore). We are truly proud of our students and thrilled to share their amazing experience. For more detailed updates and student experience, we will share with our community next week when they return from this trip. Stay tuned!