Ms Lesley Meyer

Ms Lesley Meyer

Chief Education Officer

International education is at the heart of Lesley’s career and she has taught in and led outstanding international schools in the UK, Germany, Belgium and Switzerland. Lesley considers herself truly privileged to have been able to work with students from aged 3 to 18, gaining experience from teaching not only A levels, the European Baccalaureate and the IB Diploma Programme but also by working in Early Years and Primary school.  

Whether developing curriculum, writing education policy or planning school designs for the future, Lesley believes in putting students first. She has worked for the UK government and the EU on recruitment and on policy groups, specializing in the areas of bilingual education, English as an Additional Language and Special Needs inclusion, and in 2012 became a founding volunteer on the International Task Force on Child Protection.

Having been a Principal in the highly regarded International School of Geneva for 5 years, Lesley decided to move to Asia and has led the design of an innovative school curriculum for Dehong International Chinese Schools – a challenging task, balancing the requirements of the academically rigorous Chinese national education system with the many benefits of an holistic international school curriculum.

Lesley and her husband have two adult children, a bat ecologist and a medical doctor, both based in the UK, and is looking forward to becoming a very active grandmother! In her spare time, Lesley follows her passion for education and runs a small educational NGO in Zambia where she supports the development of four schools and regularly leads workshops for teachers and school heads, sometimes on the banks of the river Zambezi!