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Rowan Kohll

Class Teacher

Rowan grew up in Wales and studied History and Education in Birmingham, Swansea and Durham. He has over fifteen years of experience teaching at schools in the UK and China, including international schools in Tianjin, Beijing, and (for the last five years) Dulwich College Suzhou. Rowan loves learning about new ways to enhance teaching and learning, and has a Master's degree in Education from the University of Bath.  

Rowan is a very enthusiastic teacher who loves using stories and games to motivate children, with art, ICT resources, and drama. Children in his class are encouraged to become creative and independent students who enjoy learning and develop their own skills in their own way. Rowan is also the head of PSHE (Personal, Social and Health Education) for the Junior School, and is active in maintaining parental communication systems, supporting the Junior School Houses and organising House events, and the leader of the Dulwich Circus Club.  

In his spare time he enjoys learning Chinese, and writing books; juggling and circus skills; reading eclectically; finding resources to help children learn; and of course spending time with his wonderful wife and son, both of whom can be found in Dulwich College.  

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