Limin Zhou photo

Limin Zhou

DUCKS Assistant Teacher

Limin Zhou was educated at Nanjing Tech University, where she graduated with a bachelor of Law in 2006.  She worked in the University Radio Station for two years and did a lot of publicity and organization work.  

The first year after graduation Limin worked in Ming  Zheng Japanese College in Nan Tong, teaching Chinese and Basic Law. After that she found her interest in teaching primary school children and worked a few years at Ding Dang Shu Yuan (a primary school’s training institute) focus on teaching Chinese.  

At the end of  2014, Limin moved to Suzhou and worked in New Language Chinese Training School. She expanded her teaching field and developed her teaching ability in this school. She began teaching Chinese as a foreign language here and tried many interesting ways to teach Chinese beginners.  

Limin has worked in Dulwich for two years. The first half year she worked in SS as a Mandarin cover teacher. Then she worked in DUCKS as an assistant teacher till now.    

In Limin's spare time, she likes to draw pictures, write brush strokes and watch movies. She like history and she also enjoy travelling.  

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