From our Head of College

It is my great pleasure to welcome you to the Dulwich College Suzhou website. Dulwich College Suzhou is a proud member of the Dulwich College International family and draws upon over 400 years of tradition and experience from our founding College in London and our sister schools in Asia.

A Dulwich College education is holistic. I am proud that the College IB average over the last five years is 37.1. Our students are dedicated to their studies and achieve wonderful results, but they also care about their friends, their local community and the broader world. They engage in the arts, sport, service projects and they seek to be part of global solutions to ongoing challenges. Our students actively pursue opportunities to make a positive difference to the lives of others. World class universities welcome our students because they are confident in the calibre of citizen that graduates from Dulwich College Suzhou.  

The College is a leader in innovation evidenced by our embracing of digital pedagogies and also student-centred feedback processes. We give our teachers the tools to be effective in a fast-paced world, and we give our students voice and agency over aspects of their learning experience. Our students are informed, equipped and motivated to pursue excellence within an environment of challenge and support.

We celebrate the full international and multicultural nature of our students and staff, who come from over 40 different countries. In keeping with our motto Detur Pons Mundo - Building Bridges to the World - we facilitate the sharing of these diverse experiences and perspectives, placing an emphasis on critical thinking and global citizenship. Our teachers are our greatest asset and Dulwich College Suzhou students benefit immensely from outstanding relationships with staff they know, trust and who go the extra mile to put students first. Students enjoy being at the College - it is a happy, supportive and vibrant place, full of challenge, opportunity and spirit!

Kind regards

Mike O’Connor

Head of College