Friends of Dulwich

Friends of Dulwich is an integral and supportive part of our community. All parents are members of the Friends of Dulwich and can choose to serve on the Friends of Dulwich Committee, act as Class Parent Representatives, take part in social activities, or help with the many charitable events sponsored by Friends of Dulwich.

Friends of Dulwich welcome new families to the College and offer significant support to families settling into life at the College and in Suzhou. 

In the past years, the FoD Executive Committee hosted various events such as informal parent get-togethers, charity fundraisers, Coffee Mornings, Family Fun Days, Quiz Nights and Christmas Shopping Trips. On top of that, FoD sponsored the sport days, organised the annual Charity Ball, and was involved in the organisation of the annual Dulwich Founder’s Day. 

The FoD Executive Committee

The FoD Committee is run by 12 elected parent representatives and 3 school representatives, who meet every 2 weeks throughout the academic year. All parent representative members are elected during the Annual General Meeting (AGM). The AGM is open to all Dulwich parents, and it is a great opportunity for parents to be informed about past and upcoming events and projects, and to elect the next FoD Executive Committee members. 

Committee Members are elected for a 12-month period. However, in order to better reflect the term of the executive committee to that of the academic year and to allow for sufficient time for transition and planning for events for the upcoming year, the Committee has decided that starting from 2019, the AGM will take place in the month of May - after Founder's Day. As such, the incoming committee of 2018 will stay in their positions until the end of May 2019. 

The 2018-2019 FoD Committee

On March 16, 2018 the Friends Of Dulwich Annual General Meeting assigned the new officers for the coming year. The meeting also reported to parents on the activities, projects and financial priorities for the next year. 

Selected parent representatives
- Chair: Jack Kang
- Vice-Chair: Avideh Tajvidi 
- Treasurer: Anne Bonner
- Communication and Media Coordinator: Sophie Tien
- Ducks Representative: Charlene Chen
- JS Representative: Qinlan Ye
- SS Reps: Aylin Altintop
- Activity Coordinators: Carol Hung and Reese Choi
- Community Service Coordinator: Mahvish Inayat (1 vacancy)

DCSZ school representatives
- Suzanna Kim, Community Liaison Officer
- Evelyn Anderson, Head of Community Service
- Esther Thelen, Head of Admissions and Community

We would like to invite all parents to get involved and fill one of the following positions:

  • Secretary 
  • Community Service Coordinator

If you would like to join us in being the voice of our parent body - to make a difference through our wonderful projects and events, or for any inquiries, please contact us by sending an email to

Yours faithfully, 

Jack Kang 
FoD Executive Committee