School transitions mark the period when students move from one school environment into another. Transitions occur at a variety of ages and vary significantly across school settings. Students often experience problems adjusting to changes in educational environments.

Dulwich College Suzhou takes a holistic view of transitions. Academically, the three schools work closely to share student information and ensure smooth transitions. This occurs at regular intervals throughout the year and culminates in an academic handover meeting during the final month of the academic year. Students are given a variety of opportunities to experience the next year's learning environment, whether it be a move within a school or a larger transition such as from Year 2 to Year 3 or Year 6 to Year 7.

For example, pastorally, Mr Cairns, Head of Year 5, has extensively researched the issues students face when transitioning between schools. In addition, there has already been much work completed by Ms May, Head of Year 3, and Ms Farrell-Kay, Head of Year 6, to ensure that the transitions between DUCKS, Junior and Senior School are meticulously planned with all Head of Years assisting smaller transitions within the Junior School. This Wednesday, the Year 6 students were also given the opportunities to go to the Senior School library to experience the wide range of books there.

Underpinning our mission statement of 'Students Come First', we understand that transitions should not always be a process about students but seen as a process with students and their families. Parents are also an essential part of the transition process. Our college will communicate with parents soon about the detailed schedule of the Transitions.

“Our children need to take time to manage themselves, and they need to arrange their studies as well as activities outside of the classrooms to get used to the changes between Junior School and Senior School. Self-management is the key of the difference. As parents, we just need to accommodate the pace of our children,” said Lily Zhou, one of our Year 7 parents who have experienced all of this when her daughter transitioned from Year 6 to 7 last year. 

Please rest assured that transitions at Dulwich College Suzhou are well planned, detailed and supportive to reduce the stresses, which naturally occur during any transition and increase student well-being and achievement holistically.