Space, The Final Frontier…

Dulwich College Suzhou Year 12 Space Projects

On 14 June, our Year 12 students presented their Group 4 projects to Dulwich College Suzhou students, teachers and parents. These projects are an IB requirement that allow our students to further develop many skills that will be vital in both their future studies, and eventual careers, including teamwork, leadership, creativity and research, to name but a few. The projects ran from Wednesday to Friday, culminating in a display of students’ work on Friday afternoon. This year, the projects were on Space Exploration, and overcoming challenges associated with it. Year 12 covered a range of the different aspects, including Cryogenics, Asteroid Mining, Artificial Gravity and the Dangers of Space Travel.

Pelin H commented on her specific project - "During our group 4 project, I was researching the effects of being isolated in space alongside my team who was researching other potential dangers that come with space travel and exploration. Through some further research I learned that there were some neurotransmitters and hormones that decrease within space. One of these hormones is Oxytocin which is the molecule displayed in the picture. This molecule is important and alongside serotonin is linked to circadian rhythms in space". 

Head of Science Stewart Aitkenhead commented - "We are very proud of the effort that our students put in, and impressed by how they became experts within their fields in such a short time.  Congratulations to all of Year 12 for their outstanding projects".