Often, when we hear the word poetry, we immediately think of the greats like William Shakespeare, William Wordsworth or Seamus Heaney. On Thursday 15th October, however, students from the Y5 cohort were lucky enough to work with the Australian Slam Poetry Champion, Zohab Zee Khan. Slam Poetry is a form of performance poetry that combines elements of performance, writing, competition, and audience participation. Taking its inspiration from real life events and often hip-hop, slam poets are able to capture the audience’s attention with great metaphors, similes and other techniques.


The Year 5 students managed to receive coaching from one of the 21st Century’s greatest performance poets before being invited to perform for him. He was then able to offer the students tailored feedback and guidance.  This was a fantastic way for the children to see how poetry is still relevant today and was so incredibly inspiring. Of the event, one student said it was her ‘favourite day of the year so far!’, with another asking if he could work with Zohab again in the future.


For more information on Zohab Zee Khan, you can follow him on Twitter and on Instagram @zeemoneysupercool . The event would not have been possible without the great support of Ellie Powling who works at @speaking.ofbooks.