Book Week - Instilling a love of reading and life-long learning

Dulwich College Suzhou Book Week

Last week, students across the College enjoyed our highly anticipated Book Week for 2019.  

With the inspiration behind the idea of Book Week being to encourage children to read for pleasure, the activities served to inspire a love of books and reading in our students. 

Each school adopted their own theme, starting in DUCKS with 'Reading across the universe', to Junior School with 'Reading Alive' and extending to Senior School with 'Share a story, where will reading take you?'. Students enjoyed a broad selection of reading activities and took part in a wide variety of cross-curricular learning opportunities. 

A key highlight across all three schools was the visit from renowned author and animator Trevor Lai.  Students were enthralled by his workshop where he brought to life the story-creating process from the use of one’s imagination to form an initial idea through to completed story and animation. 

Another highlight for students included the opportunity to come to school dressed as a favourite book character, relating to the theme of each school.  This proved incredibly popular with children and teachers attending with some highly creative and original costumes.  What's more, DUCKS had a ‘Pyjama Day’ on Thursday where children shared their favourite bedtime stories. 

In Senior School, the week started with the completion of the Bookmark Competition. All entries were designed by our students, and the winning 7 entries were printed. 

There were also contests in the library that were surprisingly challenging! Students had to guess which of their teachers were hiding behind books on our ‘Teachers Read Too’ display, and the ‘Which Book Is It?’  contest challenged students to guess the book based on a piece of the cover. Well done to our winners: Pelin (12D), Berkeley (12D), and Merlin (8S). 

Through involving the whole College as well as parents who joined children for reading sessions, this year’s Book Week has been a resounding success, further embedding the love of reading within the minds of students and across the wider College community.