Global Issues Network GINShanghai Conference

Global Issues Network GINShanghai Conference

College Guiding Statements:

4. Emphasises the benefits and responsibilities of working collaboratively together.

5. Values awareness of the natural world and its resources.

Recently, a group of Year 10, 11 and 12 student leaders in Service and Sustainability attended their first annual Global Issues Network GINShanghai Conference at CISS, networking with other international school students in the Greater-Shanghai area on discussing sustainable solutions to global issues. Our students were encouraged and empowered to plan and collaborate on local, regional and global projects related to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals on gender equality, climate action, quality education, and good health and well-being. Delegates were trained by experts in Design Thinking; learning experiences developed by Stanford University that help people unlock creative potential and apply it to the world. Our Dulwich College Suzhou students led a workshop on SDG no.11, Sustainable Cities, and prompted discussion on how agricultural development and food surpluses have driven the infrastructural planning of today’s modern cities, and how science and technology can ensure humanity creates self-sustaining, healthier and greener cities for future generations. Our students also had the fantastic opportunity to hear and speak with Dr Paula Kahumbu, a multi-award-winning Kenyan wildlife conservationist who both inspired and moved our students with stories of her successful Hands Off Our Elephants campaign which has restored Kenyan leadership in elephant conservation.

By Mrs Evelyn Anderson, Director of Active Learning