DUCKS spent two wonderful days celebrating our Earth Day at the beginning of the week and participated in practical activities that will help protect and nurture our local environment. 

On both days, many of the DUCKS children got busy in our gardens and planted a variety of flowers and vegetables that we hope both we and our resident insects can enjoy as spring turns to summer. Our local birds were also treated to a veritable feast with classes across DUCKS making bird feeders; some feeders were made by recycling old bottles whilst others were temporary delicious treats made from seed and lard, and in Year 2, zesty lemons! Reception made some bug and frog hotels to keep our warm weather visitors happy and Year 1 upcycled some old clothes to make puppets and shopping bags. It was a fantastic effort all around! 

It's not just on Earth Day that DUCKS children think about how they can care about their world. Opportunities are presented continuously. 

Each week, students learn about the UN Sustainable Global Development Goals which we have adjusted to reflect goals we can meet practically at school. Our Green Tigers have been integral to the efforts in establishing our garden beds that are accessed by each class and they also check on each classroom’s efforts towards recycling and conserving energy. That means all of our children have planting experience at school during their time in Dulwich College Suzhou. Regular planned outdoor learning also enables students to interact sustainably with the natural environment whether by using natural resources to support learning or by observing nature to understand how it works and what we can do to care for it. 

For us Earth Day is every day, and the fun continues!