The Dulwich 5 series | David Greenberg

In January, Dulwich College Suzhou welcomed an award-winner of children's poetry books, Mr David Greenberg, to conduct writing workshops to junior school and senior school students. David Greenberg is a famous American author and he frequently lectures around the world on writing instruction and delivers entertaining poetry assemblies to highlight the joys of writing for young students. Our students adored his workshops and participated attentively in his questions and writing exercises. 

At the end of the day, our young and professional junior hosts grabbed the opportunity to conduct a quick interview with Mr Greenberg. Enjoy the clip below:

“The students here are really academically strong and passionate. They want to learn and are excited to receive new information and concepts.  I was particularly impressed by how high the vocabulary levels were, their ability to use the English language far surpasses most Americans, it’s remarkable and delightful to see.” 

- David Greenberg