International school suzhou Celebrating Our IBDP Final Results

We are proud to announce our finalised IBDP results for the Dulwich College Suzhou Class of 2020.  Following the release of the IB Results in early July, counsellors and senior leadership worked tirelessly with all stakeholders including students, parents, universities, and school staff to ensure that DCSZ was advocating on behalf of those in our community. We trusted that universities would hear our concerns, and act in good faith upon student offers. We were pleased to see many universities responding positively to our efforts, and are now even more excited for our students as the IB’s new measures resulted in even more students meeting their original conditions for acceptance.

This outstanding class of graduates received the following:

  • Dulwich College Suzhou school average: 38.1
  • 100% pass rate
  • 16 bilingual diplomas
  • 14 students achieving 40+ points
  • The highest overall score, a perfect score of 45
  • A full score in the subject of Theory of Knowledge

As part of the Dulwich IBDP experience, our college counsellors work closely with each student to identify universities that would best fit their interests and passions. Our student-centered and holistic approach is evident in the scale and breadth of university matriculation around the world.  This Fall, our graduates will span the globe as they continue their pathway at their best-fit universities.  These include globally ranked universities such as University of Cambridge (UK), University of Toronto (Canada), Wellesley College (USA), Cornell University (USA), University of Sydney (Australia), Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (Hong Kong) and KAIST (Korea) but also include specialty universities and also very specialised programs like Rhode Island School of Design (USA).  

International school suzhou Celebrating Our IBDP Final Results

This is the Dulwich Difference — our holistic and student first approach that develops the heart and mind of our students and enables them to excel and pursue their passions in life. Our open-minded and internationalised approach prepares the students for the world stage with a balance in their work and study, they learn Worldwise and Graduate Worldwise. They are equipped to be contributing members of our global community.

Congratulations to the class of 2020!