Excellence in Counselling


Excellence in EiM UCC is contextual, driven and connected. 

Contextual: UCC that works within the context, culture, and mission of the school and EiM, but also seeks to shape those cultures.

Driven: UCC that recognizes and develops talent within students, helping them to cultivate untapped potential. Pushes students to aspire. Acknowledges the feelings, frames the learning experiences and celebrates resilience in the face of disappointing outcomes.

Connected: UCC that leverages the resources, expertise, and support system of the group and the full extent of the international professional community. Seeks professional development.


Congratulations to Dulwich College International graduating students – regardless of whether they will be attending university, taking a gap year, or pursuing other interests, we are proud of their achievements and wish them the best in their future endeavours.

Supported by the student-centred EiM University and Career Counselling approach,519 graduates, or 92%, of the Class of 2022 have matriculated to universities in 18 countries. 5% of the class are taking a gap year. 3% of the class are beginning national service in their country of citizenship.

Across the EiM family of schools, we celebrate the diversity of our students and help them achieve their personal best. In addition to the many students going on to study Business, Engineering and other popular programmes, we are particularly proud of the wealth of options Dulwich graduates are pursuing with passion: Medieval Languages, Motorsport Engineering, Photography, Pharmacology, Midwifery, Law, Intelligent Information Engineering, Biomedicine, Japanese Language, Zoology and Environmental Sciences...As our students are exploring every facet of the modern university spectrum, it is a great source of pride for our schools, subject teachers, and counsellors to witness such a diversity of degree clusters.

Dulwich students scored an average of 39 points on the International Baccalaureate University Preparatory Program (IBDP) exam this year. With fantastic results, our young alumni are arriving at their intended destinations worldwide.

By destination, the UK is the most popular choice, taking in 44% of our graduates. Of those UK matriculations, 65% are to Russell Group universities, with University College London as the most popular university, followed by King’s College London and Oxbridge. 

27% of our students matriculated in the United States. Of these matriculations, it is Boston University that takes the mantel as our most popular US destination, followed by the University of Washington and New York University. 34% of US matriculations are to the most competitive universities in the country. This list includes the Ivy Leagues, as well as Carnegie Mellon, Duke, Berkeley, and the University of Chicago, Wellesley, and Haverford.

Canada continued a nearly 10-year trend in our family of schools as the third most popular national destination, and the University of Toronto continued its 13-year trend of being one of the top 3 most popular universities.

With 49 matriculations to institutions specialising in fine arts, performing arts, design, or architecture, the incredible strength of DCI arts programmes is highlighted. In some of these cases, as with matriculations to Rhode Island School of Design and Parsons, applicants face admission competition as intense as it might be for some of the aforementioned universities.

Across 15 other countries, students found their best fit at universities that would be considered the finest in their national systems. In one case, a Dulwich College Suzhou student with a perfect IB score of 45 set his sights on and matriculated to the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, his first-choice destination. 

The Class of 2022 is poised to make their mark on the world – first navigating gap years, military service, and university campuses around the globe, and then onto even greater things. We are incredibly proud of each and every one of our students. We look forward to following and supporting them as they achieve numerous triumphs in life, flourish in various parts of the world, and join our vibrant Worldwise Alumni Network.