Year 8 online baking challenge

Due to the sudden change coming to us on Monday morning, we continue online lessons this week. But it doesn’t affect our teacher’s passion for their teaching. They try their best to engage students further and create more fun for them. Baking is not only for adults. Actually, our students can be MasterChef as well. Let’s see some of their amazing moments and see what their secret recipes are!

One of the Year 8 participants, Sera P, comments on her Eton Mess and Strawberry Souffle Pancake:

“In this bake-off event, I made Eton Mess and Strawberry Souffle Pancake.

Eton Mess is a well-known traditional dessert in UK. It was eaten after a cricket competition held in Eton College. I made this by layering fresh cream, ice-cream, seasonal fruits, meringue cookie and handmade strawberry marmalade on a cup.

Strawberry Souffle Pancake is a pancake which is baked with meringue in a soft foam state. It is a type of non-oven baking (Not using an oven to bake) recipe.

These days, you can see many video clips made to be easy to follow through the social media. I was so delighted to make various desserts and also learning about cultures of UK. And my family was so satisfied with the taste from the ingredients. Why don't you make your own sweet dessert for your family during a warm spring day?"

Ms Aisling O'Keeffe, lead teacher of this activity also shares her thoughts with us :

“Our theme for WAY this year is "Connecting" and although we are currently online I wanted to create a challenge where we could connect as a community and showcase our talents. I was so impressed with the creativity, collaboration and leadership skills that the students showed in this challenge. The Year 8 students are an amazing group of individuals and I am so proud of the delicious recipes, collages and presentation videos they made within this challenge. Well done Year 8!"

Thanks to Ms Aisling O'keeffe and our actively participating Year 8 students. Stay strong, Dulwich! Stay strong, Suzhou! Hope to see you guys soon on campus!