Why Community and Sport are Important?

Mr Simon Stewart

Director of Admissions and Marketing

The Importance of Community & Sport

As a newcomer to the city of Suzhou and Dulwich College Suzhou, I have been struck by the warmth and vibrancy of our DCSZ community.  It was clear in my first moment when stepping onto the campus and was evident again this weekend with a festival of sports for students, parents and staff.

The weekend started in the pool with a fabulous swim meet involving students from both DCSZ and SSIS.  There was almost a carnival atmosphere with so much activity, friendship and fun both in the pool and in the sports hall.  The college was busy with our team of red-shirted DCSZ swimming volunteers creating a wonderful sporting experience for the students. 

Swimmers from ages 7 to 18 arrived beaming, excited and usually hungry after the exhilaration of the race and the company of good friends.  We are grateful to the DCSZ team and the volunteers for their time and energy in creating such a great event. 

On Sunday, teaching staff from DCSZ and DHSZ came together to take part in the DUSA European Association Suzhou football tournament with companies and schools from around the city.  Our team was a fine blend of experience and youth playing some great football and coming away with a creditable silver medal.  It was a fun DUSA event and a great opportunity to connect with new and old friends in Suzhou. 

Why Sport Matters

There is so much to gain from young people being involved in sports.  Apart from the obvious physical advantages, there are also many social and wellness related benefits.  Many of our highest academic achievers are DCSZ Tigers and have developed skills in managing their wellness, energy and resilience through sport.  As they enter their chosen universities and the workplace, they have established advanced social, communication and leadership skills that set them apart from the crowd.

The Dulwich Difference

My first impression is that Dulwich College Suzhou is so much more than a school, it is a vibrant community brought together by a shared set of values. Each teacher, parent and student support each other to create outstanding student experiences inside and outside the classroom. I am proud to be a new supporter of the DCSZ Tigers and look forward to seeing you all at future activities.