The IBCP - A New Pathway to Your Chosen University and Career

Every parent wants to help their child navigate their way to their chosen university and career.  This year, Dulwich College Suzhou is providing a new pathway for students that have a passion for a particular subject or career.

What’s the difference between the IBDP and IBCP? 

Most parents are familiar with the IBDP, a programme that has been supporting DCSZ students access the top universities worldwide for over 15 years.  

The IBCP is designed for students that want to focus their studies on a particular industry or career.  So, if your child has a particular passion for medicine, innovation and engineering or media, the arts and design, this may be that pathway for them.

“ The IBDP is academically rigorous and broad, the IBCP is academically rigorous and specialized”, says Stewart Paterson, Assistant Head of Senior School and IB coordinator.

The IBCP has the same academic rigor as the IBDP but for students that want to pursue a career in medicine, engineering, aeronautics, innovative design or the arts, the IBCP programme gives them an accelerated path.  Students would study with our DCSZ staff and with professors from selected specialist universities to gain their IB qualification and specific knowledge in their chosen field.

Why study the IBCP? 

The IBCP is only for those students that have a passion in a particular field.  However, students that study what they enjoy are more independently motivated and can excel.  Moreover, by studying with one of DCSZ specialized partner universities students can gain university credits at senior school and, depending on their IBCP results, can gain advanced placement and have opportunities for scholarships within those institutions.  This is a very unique offering.

Is the IBCP as academically rigorous as the IBDP?

Yes.  The IBCP is an accredited qualification from the International Baccalaureate Organization in Switzerland and is recognized by universities across the world.  It has a three part educational structure that connects the senior school, university and careers.

  1. Career Related Study (CRS)

    CRS allows students to have IB classes with professors from universities that specialize in their chosen area giving them exposure level university education at DCSZ.

  2. IBDP Career Related Courses

    Students will also choose specific IBDP courses taught by our DCSZ teachers which are related and complementary to their chosen area of study.

  3. IBCP Core

    The IBCP Core is a unique programme for senior school students that give students all of the personal, professional, intercultural and communication skills training that are essential for success in todays businesses.  The 4 sections of Personal and Professional Skills, Reflective Projects, Service Learning and Language Development creates a platform for students to go into university and work with confidence.

To IBDP or to IBCP? 

Ultimately, the choice between the IBDP and IBCP pathways depends on the needs, wants and desires of the student.  They are both part of the academically rigorous IBO programme and supported by DCSZ teachers and pedagogy. 

At DCSZ we continue to find new innovative ways of teaching and creating more options for our students.  If you would like to know more about the IBCP, join or Senior School Parent Community Workshop on March 9th at W Hotel.