It has been 12 years since we had our first set of iPads in Junior School. I remember the excitement in the first year as my Year 6 class explored around Mount St Helens on the Google Earth app, looking around and into the crater up close. There was a real buzz in the classroom, everyone was engaged and fascinated… not just with the technology, but more with how close they could get to the volcano and view everything so clearly on the iPad. Over the next few years, we explored and tried out so many apps and ways to use the iPads to engage and motivate the students.

The world has changed drastically over the last decade; every industry has been transformed by technology. Our children are growing up in a different era, in a world that is heralding the fourth industrial revolution, with not just robotics, 3D printing, but also machine learning, AR, VR, and AI. This revolution is fusing our physical world with the virtual one and is evolving at an exponential rate and disrupting every industry imaginable. The speed of these breakthroughs is unmatched throughout history. For our children to be able to navigate through the interconnected world, where billions of people are within reach within seconds, and not lose sight of themselves, we have a duty to prepare and equip them with the necessary skills and values. We and the children have the power to shape this transformation to ensure that technology is used ethically and wisely to complement our creativity and empathy, in order to reshape our economic, social, cultural and human environments in a positive way.

In the last two years, the pandemic has disrupted governments, societies and lives across the world, we have had to change the way we do things overnight. Those with the tech skills and who are adaptable were able to jump straight into the new normal. But there are those who had a steeper learning curve. As the world becomes more and more unpredictable and volatile, we have to learn not only to be resilient and adaptable in order to survive in the 21st century, we have to learn to navigate a variety of tech applications for work, study and leisure.

As parents, your very first concern understandably, is your children’s eyesight. But that is not the direct result of technology, but rather how we use it. Technology is the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes, and that has existed since time immemorial. Mankind would not be where they are today without technology. Without technology, there would be zero advancement in any field. Throughout history, it has always been the misuse of technology that causes chaos in the world. As with all things, moderation and boundaries setting are the key to instilling positive life skills our children need. Prohibiting the use of technology in the classroom and at home will handicap the children whereas having unlimited use with no guidance will result in children lacking self-control and discernment.
Please visit this site to find some useful resources on how to support your child(ren) on the use of digital devices.