Sustainable Stationary Project

—By Soonbi C, Y11

No Carbon November is coming, our sustainability leads are in action!

Sustainable Stationery is a service initiative we have launched this year.

This project aims to provide our school’s students with the access to green stationeries to reduce the carbon footprint our students leave due to the consumption of single-use stationeries(e.g. glue sticks, pencils). We strongly believe in ‘teaspoons of change' philosophy, that small actions can bring about massive impacts, and encourage our fellow students to take one step towards protecting our planet through purchasing eco-friendly stationeries from them.

We have conducted research on this topic to find that a large fraction of carbon footprint for stationery comes from the energy spent on transportation. Therefore, our main aim of this year is to provide bio-degradable, plastic-free, or refillable stationeries from local manufacturers. Please participate in our survey by scanning the QR code below, and we thank you for your support.

Sustainability projects at DCSZ are ongoing, and our care for sustainability can be seen in our daily life. In November, for example, we will have daily actions related to lowering our carbon footprints that teachers can discuss with their classes each day in line with No Carbon November. We will keep sharing stories and moments of sustainability with our community this month.