Invitation from DCSZ – Send Us Your Stories

Our DCSZ students are busy during summer! Many of them participated in different competitions and activities. Here are just some examples and we are keen to broadcast more from our community!

In June, DCSZ students participated in the 1st Annual Voices of the Future organised by MoreFunAsia, the student speech contest designed for international and local students aged from 6 to 18. Our students have got great achievements:

Lyra P, first prize

Jessie P, second prize

Bowen M, third prize

Dongguyn Y , third prize

Also in June, our students Aaron Y (Year 6) and Ledi F (Year 3) have won first prize in their respective category in the 2022 Betture Suzhou International School Fencing Tournament OCAC.

During the China Youth Music Competition Hummingbird Music Award recently, our students also made excellent achievements.

Jasmine Q has won 1st prize in violin

Peter N has won 2nd prize in violin

Melody L has won 1st prize in violin

Karen L has won 3rd prize in violin

Yoyo C has won the 2nd prize in cello

Ethan Z has won 3rd prize in cello

And there are many many more!

We would like to invite our parents and students to send us your achievements and experiences during the summer – your stories of participating a competition, training, award, or a special project. Let us know what you have learnt. The most important thing is not winning, but participation. Please connect with us about your stories, and we will post them here via wechat and other communication channels. Please write to us at:

We look forward to hearing from you!