No Carbon November: Let’s Do it!


Everyone has the power to make a difference in the world, and we are eager to take action. In November, DCSZ actively participated in "No Carbon November" launched by our headquarters, EiM. We aimed to find innovative ways to reduce our carbon footprint and contribute to a healthier environment.

“We need to put faith into action, knowing that while we may only be one small person our actions matter, and when combined with others we are a part of creating change.” -- d’Arcy Lunn, Group Head of Sustainability & Global Citizenship

Our students enthusiastically embraced the challenge of reducing their carbon footprints and reflecting on the impact of their actions on the planet. As a crucial component of the "Teaspoons of change" (small but significant ideas and actions that have a positive impact on people and the planet each day in November) initiative, the No Carbon November program emphasizes the importance of sustainability and raises awareness about the collective responsibility we share for our world.


Suzanne Grennell, DUCKS Teacher / Global Citizenship Lead

In DUCKS we celebrated No Carbon November through the lens of Waste Reduction. This initiative builds upon our Zero Food Waste drive, which was introduced back in 2022 and has been incrementally and purposefully embedded within curriculum learning and at assemblies.

At lunch time, our students are encouraged to serve themselves just as much food as they are sure they will eat, which also encourages the habit of conscious eating. Students who manage to eat all the food on their plate are recognized as having a ‘Golden Plate’ and win coveted house points too!

Zero waste consumption is also introduced to students as part of their curriculum learning around living a conscious and healthy lifestyle. To celebrate No Carbon November, we ran a House competition that awarded the house with the most ‘Golden Plates’ for Zero Waste. The winning house will be announced in DUCKS assembly at the end of November.

Junior School

Charlotte PENNY, Junior School global citizenship and sustainability lead

At Dulwich College Suzhou, sustainability is one of our main priorities as we help develop our students into global citizens prepared to tackle world issues that they will encounter once they graduate. In recent years, we as a global community have gained a better understanding of the impact that we have on our world. Sustainability is our way of both learning about these issues and giving our students opportunities to take action within our campus and community while they are students and then within their careers as they go on to become tomorrow’s leaders.

No carbon November is one such opportunity for action where the children had daily ‘teaspoons of change’ they could take on which were small actions that can make a big impact overall such as using reusable cutlery or ensuring they are wearing warm clothes before using air conditioners.

Senior School

Shirley C, Year 12, our Sustainability Prefect

As a sustainability prefect, I have actively led initiatives focused on instilling an environmental consciousness in our academic community. My roles as a sustainability prefect have allowed me to integrate sustainable practices into every aspect of our school's daily operations, from organizing eco-friendly events to implementing waste reduction strategies. I have worked with students, teachers, and staff members to promote a sense of collective responsibility for our environmental impact.

I opened and ran the "Sustainability stationary" stall at the Christmas tree lighting event last week. We sold eco-bags and t-shirts and let students draw on them. I plan on donating the profits from the sale to charities related to sustainability, such as Green peace.

In the future, I am designed to create sustainable goods. I'm considering making a lip balm with organic ingredients instead of lip balms that contain microplastics and harmful chemicals. In addition, by selling pens made from coffee beans at "Sustainability Stationery," I'd like to show every single senior student how one small action for the environment can make a big difference.

Looking ahead, my ultimate goal is to leave a sustainable impact within the school community. I hope to influence programs that prioritize eco-friendly practices through my role as a prefect, thereby creating a blueprint for sustainable living that extends beyond the boundaries of our academic institution. Whether recommending sustainable infrastructure or organizing awareness campaigns, my goal is to empower individuals to be movers of change not only in their schools but also in their larger communities.


As members of the global community, it is our responsibility to safeguard the Earth and ensure a clean environment for future generations. Let us take action, recognizing that even small steps are meaningful and worth pursuing.