Libraries Up Late- Let’s Enjoy Reading!

Reading plays a crucial role in children's learning journey. It exposes them to a vast wealth of knowledge, introduces them to different cultures, and provides insights into various topics. Furthermore, it stimulates their imagination and nurtures their creativity.

Therefore, this Wednesday, DCSZ held their third "Libraries Up Late," an event that invites parents to join their children after school for a shared reading experience in the school’s libraries. This initiative also provides working parents with access to the school, as they typically face time constraints on regular days. The event was a delightful experience for both parents and children, fostering a fun and engaging atmosphere.


But how does DCSZ cultivate reading habits? This time we interviewed Ms Odette Holweg, our DUCKS & Junior School teacher librarian, who shared her insights and opinions on “Libraries Up Late” with us.

Ms Odette Holweg,DUCKS & , Junior School teacher librarian

It is crucial for parents to serve as positive role models for their children. When parents demonstrate their own love for reading through their actions, it encourages their children to follow suit. Additionally, parents can gain insight into their children's reading preferences and encourage them to explore a diverse range of book genres sharing their own reading preference and early experiences with their child(ren), since children often choose the books they enjoy from a narrow range of genres.


Reading together provides an opportunity for parents and children to share thoughts and understanding, fostering strong family relationships. It is not necessary to limit reading to English versions of books; any language is welcome. We are a language-friendly school and we encourage students to utilise their first language to support their learning. When children have a strong foundation in their mother tongue, it positively influences their proficiency in a second language, as the skills are transferable.

Parents can support their children's reading in various ways. Depending on the purpose of reading, whether it's for learning or leisure, parents can adopt different approaches. For learning-focused reading, after completing a book section, parents can ask their children to close the book and record the main ideas, useful information, and what they have learned from it. This exercise helps children assess their understanding and comprehension of the subject. For leisure reading, parents can engage their children by asking questions to gauge their comprehension and promote discussion about the books.


Additionally, DUCKS & JS school have morning reading sessions where books and reading strategies are shared with the children. This routine helps children not only with their reading, but to transition from home to school focus and provides them with clarity about their daily tasks of which, reading is one.

Our library provides a wide selection of books and is linked with the Senior School Library.  Parents are encouraged to borrow books for themselves, as well as for their children. Reading is an excellent way to broaden horizons and enrich our lives. Let's embrace the joy of reading!