How to Choose CCAs for Your Children?

At DCSZ, our CCA programme covers all the activities that take place outside of the taught curriculum. Our CCA programme is a cohesive whole-college programme, from DUCKS through to the Senior School. There are 3 components to the College CCA programme: Enrichment; The Arts; and Sport. Enrichment consists of a range of academic Societies that reflect students’ key learning areas. The Arts include Music, Art, Dance and Drama. Sport offers students a broad range of activities to participate in. 

Our  CCA selection is a preference-based booking, rather than ‘first come first served’ which ensures that studenst and parents get time to choose which CCAs they would like to try. We also provide late bus for those taking CCA programme so our happy students all get safely home after their CCA.


Starting this academic year, it is our pleasure to have Ms Hygeia Guo, who is also our DUCKS& Junior School Head of Mandarin, to be our CCA coordinator. She has so many new insights and experiences to share with us. Let’s see what she thinks about CCA’s and how to choose a CCA for your children!

Q: Why did you choose to be the CCA coordinator?

A: I have been a teacher for many years and now, to further enrich and challenge myself, I chose to take the CCA coordinator challenge. Being a CCA coordinator needs so many skills, such as coordination, communication, planning and organizing. All of these skills complement and reinforce each other.  It also allows me to have a deep understanding of DCSZ as well.

Q: Why should students take a CCA? What are the benefits of taking a CCA?

A: Establish a good bond between teachers and students

We are all lifelong learners, no matter who we are. With CCA programme, teachers and students can explore the world together and learn with each other. Just like the old saying: Teaching and learning promote and enhance each other.

   Enhance a good relationship with friends and meet new friends

Being part of CCA, your children can meet other students from other classes. Everyone has different backgrounds so it gives your children more chance to know more people and thus build a strong sense of sociality and belonging.

   Explore and find yourself

It is great if your children choose the CCA based on their own advantages. However, if your children don’t come out of their comfort zone and challenge themselves, they will not know their full potential. We offer a variety of CCA programmes so that students can always try new things. Maybe your children need a little help in confidently expressing themselves, so why not try debating CCA? During the CCA, they enjoy it, learn from it and thus they will know what they truly like. Finally, they will develop a greater understanding of who they are and have a better understanding of themselves.

   Build a strong global mind and get a chance to realize

Sustainability and global citizenship (SGC) are not just slogans. At DCSZ we implement that into our daily lives. With CCA’s, students can link SGC with their daily lives and thus such concepts can be engraved in their minds.

Q: What are some of the new CCA courses being offered this academic year?

For Senior School, we have sailing (it is also open to Year 5 and Year 6) and skateboarding. For Junior School, we have a pop dance and Shakespeare drama club. If you want to know more about our CCA’s, please refer to our official website.

Q: What are your suggestions for our parents while choosing CCAs ?

For most of our parents, they take their children’s interests into consideration when they choose a CCA program. However, if children only take part in activities, they are more interested in they may miss opportunities to try something new and exciting, learn new skills and make new friends. Parents can encourage their children to try new things and challenge themselves. 

Also, do not put much pressure and limits on your children. CCA is a chance for them to explore and have fun. If parents ask their children to get some kind of result, such as a certificate or must reach a target, then children will feel stressed. The most important thing about CCA is the learning process. 

For example, if your children choose the cooking CCA, why do you ask them to master cooking skills quickly? Maybe they will just have a lot of questions about food and cooking. Then they do some experiment to try and put their new ideas into practice. What we care about is what our students learn and if they enjoy it, not the target we want them to reach.

After participating in CCA programs for several months, you will find your children develop in positive ways that you may not have previously noticed. Maybe it’s just a slight change but CCAs can make your child become fully grown and confident students.


Overall, CCA is not just an extended programme. It is a chance for your children to break down the barriers between other subjects and put what they learn into practice.  CCAs allows your children to apply their subject knowledge to the real world. What’s more, learning through CCAs is not just designed to get the best result, but to enjoy the learning. In the end, the student’s competency and sociality can be improved. Students will be more mature and confident and know who they truly are.  This is a truly great gift for any child.