Guide for returning families to Suzhou

Guide for returning families to Suzhou

In order to support our community further, we would like to provide you with a guide for those who are located in the regions being affected by the COVID-19 outbreak. It is very important for you to be aware of the information below before you make travel arrangements.

Lengthy Waiting Time at Airport

If you are not already in the epidemic zones, then always check for the most updated list to avoid transiting through the high-risk regions/areas.

If already in epidemic zones, note that getting back to Suzhou from Shanghai may take a much longer time than usual as more procedures are in place to organise people into transportation vehicles. It is also important to consider the following:

  • Have you been to a crowded place recently?
  • Is there a likelihood that you have been exposed to someone infected with the virus?
  • Have you displayed any symptoms in the last week?
  • If there is any perceived risk, travel should be carefully considered.

Either way – whichever country one is travelling from – it is prudent to prepare for longer wait times at the airport by preparing snacks and drinks, especially for young children.

Quarantine Policy Requirements

Please be mindful that quarantine restrictions upon arrival in China are changing almost every day as COVID-19 cases rise worldwide. Therefore, we appreciate it is hard to make accurate predictions, but we will try our very best to keep you updated. If you have special concerns or questions, please do not hesitate to send an email to us at: [email protected]

In addition, the Suzhou government has a number of official platforms where they regularly update foreigners in English, Chinese, Japanese and Korean about important notices on quarantine policy. Please follow the government official platforms at:

  • Wechat: please search for iSuzhou on WeChat and then follow the account
  • View their website here:

The latest update (12 March 2020) we have obtained from Suzhou government is publicised through iSuzhou here, which provides instruction about “Six Immigration Steps for Suzhou-bound Travelers” here:

That will ensure you to obtain the first-hand government policy implementation guidelines.

Home Quarantine

Home quarantine policies vary from compound to compound in Suzhou, but one should expect a strict 14-day quarantine to start off. There are some compounds that still operate on a 7-day quarantine policy but that is starting to be less common. During a strict quarantine period, the compound will support with delivery of food to your door and arrange for rubbish to be disposed of regularly.

The temperature of all members of the family will also be monitored. At the end of the quarantine, a “Completion of Quarantine” certificate is issued.

Essential to provide DCSZ with travel schedule beforehand

For those who come to China from the Covid-19 outbreak regions, before you book flight tickets, it is compulsory to send your travel details to our email address at: [email protected]

Multiple - language helpline for foreigners in Suzhou

The Suzhou Industrial Park local government has a multiple-language helpline service to foreigners here in case you need some help:

  • English: 0512 6668 1812 / 13771835783
  • Japanese: 0512-6668 1529 / 13914086240
  • Korean: 0512 6668 1802 / 18626205975

Health and safety is the key priority of DCSZ. Please stay in touch and stay well. We thank you for your kind support.