Global Winners of Digital Art Competition!

Congratulations to our students for winning in this year’s International Women’s Day Digital Art Competition!

Charlotte B and her art work

Year 4, Charlotte B

Marie Curie

I wanted to draw a picture of Marie Curie because I think she is one of the most intelligent women to have ever existed. Also, in our recent in-topic lessons, we have been researching heroes from the past and we learned about Marie Curie which inspired me to draw her picture.

I used 2 apps to create my artwork using the drawing function on my iPad. One app was book creator and I can’t remember the name of the other app but it’s really useful.  The drawing took me about one day to fully complete. 

My mum asked me to do some work related to my Topic homework ‘What Makes a Hero?’ and I want people to know, that Marie Curie was a special scientist who did amazing things. She's connected to International Women's Day because she showed that girls can be really smart in science and achieve great things too.

Year 12, Sumin C

Mira Murati

My inspiration came from an article I have recently read on ChatGPT. As a student with aspirations of working in the technology field, I was deeply influenced by the fact that she was the sole female founder of ChatGPT, especially when the presence of female chief officer in the tech industry is uncommon. This artwork was produced using an iPad and an apple pencil. In order to highlight Mira Murati’s presence as a woman working in the technology industry, I utilized to LED display font for her name in the poster, which serves as a visual representation of her great influence.

Through my artwork, I wanted to give myself hope by reminding myself that with dedication and effort, I will also be rewarded with an achievement that I can be proud of. Additionally, I wanted to emphasize that there are no specific jobs that are more suitable for one gender over another.