Experiencing the Magic of MUN

Now we are in a world with complicated global challenges, the diplomatic skills, critical thinking, and global perspectives seem to be much more important than ever. The Model United Nations (MUN) is a chance for our students to break traditional boundaries and immerse themselves in a dynamic and international environment. It provides students with the chance to experience leadership skills, nurture diplomatic skills, foster global awareness and develop collaboration skills.

On 28 October and 17~19 November, our students joined the MUN, and let's see what they have learned!

Below is a commentary from Sophia K, Year 12, about the SHASMUN MUN conference at Shanghai American School.

Sophia K, Year 12

In Model United Nations, we discuss about world’s issues and promote peace. Our MUN team joined two conferences during the first term. We joined a one-day mini-conference on 28 October hosted by Suzhou Singapore International School, and a three-day conference from 17-19 November, that was hosted by Shanghai American School of Pudong. Both conferences were entertaining and gave me and the team a great experience of learning about global issues, as well as having new friends. 


During the mini-conference in SSIS, fruitful debates were done, and even though it was a short time, we managed to get over the processes which was entertaining. In SHASMUN XI, around 400 students joined, and many different schools in China gathered to discuss each topic of their interest. I served as a Deputy President of the ECOSOC committee. Even though I’ve been to many conferences, this conference allowed me to learn more about MUN, as well as the topics that were being discussed and debated. During the debate, I submitted an amendment to a resolution, but not a single delegate made any questions or speeches regarding my amendment and we went straight into the voting procedure which made me laugh since the delegates were intrigued and encouraged before I submitted an amendment. Our fellow delegates from our school were highly enthusiastic in debate sessions, which I believe crafted an interesting and entertaining experience for them as well. We hope to see more participation in conferences!


In summary, Model United Nations (MUN) provides a comprehensive and well-rounded learning experience that integrates academic, interpersonal, and leadership skills. It is a valuable experience for students and DCSZ will keep supporting our students to become a Live Worldwise individual. 

We extend our deepest gratitude Mr Anthony GORA, Mr Kevin Huntley, Ms Jessica Ferguson who led our students to join the MUN!