Embracing Partnership: What a Wonderful Week!


This week, our college had the pleasure of hosting special guests from our local partnership school. Eight Students from SIP No.2 Experimental School joined our Year 5 classes, creating a unique and enriching learning experience for everyone involved. Each student was paired with a buddy from our school, who provided guidance and support to them on a day to day basis. They also celebrated the Chinese New Year events with our students earlier this week. Together, they enjoyed a wonderful time of learning, fostering new friendships and creating lasting memories.

This unique partnership brings together students from different backgrounds, fostering cultural exchange, broadening horizons, and promoting a global perspective within the classroom.

What a wonderful week!

Let’s see what these 8 students have been doing this week: 

Ms Georgina Gray, Head of Junior School at DCSZ, shares her insights with us: 

This week, Junior School has welcomed 8 students from SIP No.2 Experimental Primary School in Suzhou. This partnership has given the students the opportunity to experience an international education. Students have been given a warm welcome and have enjoyed the experience noting that our way of learning is very different to their learning experiences in their own school. The visiting students have shown the characteristics of being risk-takers and inquirers. I am hopefully that our partnership can be extended further to enable our own students to develop friendships and a further understanding of our host country.

Mr Joe Humphrey, Head of Year 5, Junior School:

It has been a wonderful week of learning in Year 5 where we have welcomed eight amazing young students into our learning environment. They have positively engaged across our curriculum, shown a huge amount of enthusiasm, and most importantly have had fun and made new friends. Our Dulwich College students have proudly shared their school and experiences and hope for more collaboration in the future.. 

On Friday afternoon, Mr David Massish, our Head of College, had the opportunity to meet with students and teachers and gather their valuable feedback. The students thoroughly enjoyed their time at DCSZ and were able to forge new friendships. 

Let's take a look at some reflections from these eight students regarding their learning journey:

"I had a great time playing football with my friends and I also made new friends here at DCSZ." 

"Each of us had the chance to write a Chinese character to DCSZ. I chose to write '友' which means friendship, as I have made numerous friends during my time here."  

This initiative not only enhances the educational experience but also prepares students from both schools for a world that is about collaboration and partnership. We look forward to working with more partnership schools in creating such a great experience for everyone.