EiM Launches First ESG Report

We put environmental sustainability in the spotlight and remind ourselves that everyday can, should and needs to be Earth Day, especially with the most recent climate science available to us. As a member of the Education in Motion group of schools, we are pleased to see the launch of EiM’s first Environmental, Social, and Governance Report (2020-2021) and take pride in being part of a wider community furthering sustainability efforts.

What is ESG?

ESG stands for Environmental, Social & Governance Reporting and is an approach that evaluates the extent to which an organisation works on behalf of goals within these areas.

EiM’s first ESG report provides a framework bringing together all aspects of our group, to know and understand who we are, what we are doing well and what more we should be doing in environmental, social and governance areas. 

With the input of students, staff, parents, directors, consultants and suppliers, we have defined four ESG pillars: Learning, Planet, People, and Policy. These provide the lens through which we focus our sustainability and global citizenship goals and outcomes. 

This as a key step in pioneering education for a sustainable future and we hope this report can catalyse change across the education sector, encouraging more education providers and schools to make equitable, environmental and ethical contributions to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

At DCSZ, our students also started from themselves and did many activities to respond to Earth Day. Let's see how amazing they are!

Please remember to click the link below to see our EiM ESG report.