First Day Back to School


After waiting for a long time, our students have finally returned to campus! It is so delightful to see the laughter and enthusiasm of the children on the first day, and our teachers are energised too by hearing their voices and seeing their lovely smiles. Many of our staff arrived at school by 7:15AM in the morning and got ready to welcome the students.

Warm welcome from the teachers

Students walked into the school with joy and excitement. DCSZ Tiger was also standing at the school gate to warmly welcome the students. With the full measurement of Covid control, our students queued at intervals and entered the campus in order after the temperature measurement.

First lesson in the new term

The focus of our first class was about getting to know each other. At Dulwich College Suzhou, we emphasise on holistic education which has a cross-disciplinary approach. 

Getting to know each other during day one is an important process for our school, especially when our students come from more than 40 different countries and regions. For new students who are not yet familiar with our school, our teachers also carefully guided them to get to know the campus. 

We look forward to supporting our students on their journey this year, a journey where all of us grow together, and learn together.