Extended Topics Lesson-Have a Glass of Clean Water

Continuing with last week’s Topics lesson, we mentioned that our Year 4 current topic is “How could the world survive without clean water”

This week, we invite Tang Mama’s co-founder, John, to give our Year 4 students a speech about the value of clean water they possess now and have empathy for the suffered people. Tang Mama is one of our charity partnerships and its objective is to bring clean water to world. 

During the speech, John showed to our students how they help people in remote rural villages.  A purifier, Jerry can, which contains a 15 nano filter to filter out all bacteria and virus, was invented. It does not need any electricity to power up. You just pour dirty water in Jerry can and then pump it. Clean water comes out at the end.

Through the speech, our students also understand that rivers in rural areas are shared by humans and animals. People suffer from Echinococcosis due to dirty water and many of them even die. Our students need to value how lucky they are to have clean water easily.  

Our students were amazed and realized that many places in the world actually did not have clean water. Such extended Topic Lesson supported the students to have the true experience of Live Worldwise” where the concept of sustainability is deeply rooted in their mind from the very beginning of their education journey.