‘DUCK FEST’ in aid of Heart to Heart

Dulwich College Suzhou 'DUCK FEST' in aid of Heart to Heart Charity

As a ‘well-done’ and ‘thank you’ gesture to the children for the great effort and enthusiasm they have shown over the year, the teachers and parents at DUCKS arranged an afternoon of exciting performances, games and activities for all to enjoy. Hosted on the DUCKS Sports Field, the festival featured talented musicians from across the College, a range of games stalls, arts and crafts.

The money raised through the event went to support the Children's Heart to Heart Foundation.

Thank you so much to everyone who contributed to today’s extravaganza. DUCK FEST 2019 was a great way to celebrate what has been a wonderful year of fun-filled learning in DUCKS. Special thanks go to our team of Parent Volunteers who gave so generously of their time and came up with such creative ideas to entertain the children. Our HUGE thanks also of course to the numerous talented students from across the College who shared their talents with us today.