D’Oscars Movie Stars Shining on Red Carpet

Despite of the challenges this year, we continue our tradition of the annual D’Oscars event today. The Junior School of Dulwich College Suzhou held its D’Oscars awarding ceremony. Congratulations to Class 6C who have won the overall Best Film across the entire year groups. Congratulations to all of our winners below:

6C group have won overall Best Film across the entire Year group!

The D’Oscars competition is a fantastic opportunity for the children to develop their film-making skills, integrating and applying their learning of storytelling, music, art and technology and a chance to walk the red carpet too! Apart from its academic excellence, Dulwich College is also world famous for producing artists, writers and musicians.The tradition of having a D’Oscar competition and the award ceremony in each of the Dulwich College campuses comes from our rich arts heritage. The best example is Mr Michael Ondaatje, writer of the famous Oscar winning movie “The English Patient” (1996). He was a graduate of Dulwich College.

We will share more information to the community about this exciting event next week. Congratulations again to all of our Year 6 students!