DCSZ Students Received Outstanding Results from FOBISIA

DCSZ is delighted to join94 schools around Asia in FOBISIA Maths Competition and it is a Mathematics Online Code Breaking Competition this time. We are thrilled to announce that we received great results from the FOBISIA Math competition. Students will receive a Certificate of Merit from FOBISIA and the Host school British International School, Phuket.

It is to recognize and appreciate the hard work and achievement of the student and the outstanding teaching quality of our school. Congratulations!

"It was fantastic to see thousands of talented mathematicians from across Asia coming together to test their code breaking skills.  Many thanks to all the teachers who worked hard in organising their school’s participation and who gave their students a chance to see some real life applications of mathematics outside the classroom.  Who knows, maybe some of these students will go on to work in encryption and decryption as a future career.  Well done to all who took part!”

—Ms Betty Lutterodt 

   Head of Mathematics


"The FOBISIA Maths Codebreaking competition is the first FOBISIA Student event to finish this academic year, and what an event!  With 75% of our Member Schools participating and over 10,000 students involved, the hosts British International School Phuket have set the bar very high for future events this year.  We hope the students involved enjoyed the experience and thank you to BISP for adding this exciting event to the 2022-23 FOBISIA Student Events Calendar"