DCSZ Students Excel in Junior Mathematical Challenge

Ms Betty Lutterodt, Head of Mathematics

Dulwich College Suzhou (DCSZ) students recently took part in the Junior Mathematical Challenge, a 60-minute, multiple-choice competition designed to encourage mathematical reasoning, precision of thought, and fluency in using basic mathematical techniques to solve interesting problems.

The problems on the Junior Mathematical Challenge are deliberately designed to make students think, and the DCSZ students rose to the challenge admirably. 

David H, a Year 8 student, was awarded 'Best in School', while Seonjun Y, a Year 7 student, was awarded 'Best in Year'.

The Gold award students at DCSZ

The Gold award students at DCSZ are in the top 8% of all participants who scored highly in the competition. Students who are 'Best in Year' or 'Best in School' also received a badge from UKMT (The United Kingdom Mathematics Trust) to denote this on their certificates.

The success of the DCSZ students in the Junior Mathematical Challenge has led to three of the highest performers, who scored 113 or more, being invited to take part in a follow-up competition, the Junior Olympiad. This is a tremendous achievement, and we wish them every success in the next stage of the competition.

Overall, the Junior Mathematical Challenge is an excellent opportunity for students to test their mathematical skills and demonstrate their ability to think critically and solve challenging problems. Congratulations to all the DCSZ students who took part and excelled in this year's competition.