DCSZ KS3 Shining through Race4Good Challenge

Key Stage 3 students at DCSZ have embarked on the race4good challenge. They competed against other international schools across Asia, and the challenge was to uplift a community in Haiti. I am honoured to announce that they placed 2nd in three out of four challenges. This is an outstanding achievement. The students only had three days between each challenge to plan, propose a business plan for their mentor and then present it to the judges and the community live on Zoom!

As seen below, the team is ready for their final zoom:

The first challenge focused on bringing digital learning to the Labate La Colline community school by introducing a sustainable energy source. The students had to think about how they would get electricity to the school sustainably with a budget of only £100. Also, with a budget of £100, the second challenge worked on uplifting the community health clinic, specifically focusing on improving care for patients with hypertension (high blood pressure). Furthermore, the last challenge was to improve the science learning in the school for 140 students aged 3-24.

“This Race4Good challenge was an event that I benefitted greatly from. As team Dulwich College Suzhou, we overcame many hardships and challenges, such as time-zone differences and collaboration online, and we achieved 2nd place in the overall competition. However, in my opinion, the value of this challenge is far greater than just an award or a score. Race4Good displayed to me the true power of collaboration and determination, especially through the inspiring example of Race4Good founder and CEO Linda Cruise and her team of colleagues. 

Furthermore, this challenge greatly accentuated the importance of empathy for me. Aspects such as being culturally sensitive, considering local opinions, the necessities of the people and many more are essential to the implementation and success of our plan. I would like to thank our coordinating teacher - Ms Chafer, for always providing us with support, constructive advice and pointing out flaws in our plans. It would have been impossible without your help and support!”

—— Ethan Z, 8S

“Each stage of the race 4 good competition valued different aspects of supporting the community. Through this, I was able to explore bridging a multitude of skills with the intention of giving back to the community. Throughout the competition, we developed countless skills such as creativity, collaboration and leadership. As an individual, this opportunity has facilitated my ability to collaborate with my peers to manifest innovative ideas to uplift the society”.

—— Yuva M, 8D