DCSZ & NewLife Collaborate for Student Wellbeing

At Dulwich College Suzhou, we strive to find innovative ways to help students learn.  This week, we collaborated with New Life Clinic Suzhou in a new cross curricular unit designed to inform and challenge our approach to health and wellbeing.

A team of highly experienced doctors and nurses from NewLife Clinic shared real world experience and insights with Year 7 students relating to four aspects of health and wellbeing:

During a series of interactive workshops, our students learnt about different aspects of wellbeing and challenged some of the habits and choices we make every day that impact our physical and mental health.  Based upon these insights and student experience, the teams were asked to respond to the following question:


How might we change our school community to better promote health and wellbeing? 

Mental and physical health impacts us all and there is much we can do to proactively improve our wellbeing, if we make certain choices.  Our Year 7 students became very cognizant of this whilst reflecting on their own and their peers’ choices.


Creating Problem Solving

Based under the umbrella of Global Sustainability Goal 3, Good Health and Wellbeing, this unit has been designed to allow students to apply their knowledge from different subjects to make recommendations on how to improve the health and wellbeing of the community. The students combine their subject specific knowledge to define and solve a real-world problem and present a final proposal to their peers.  

This interdisciplinary approach helps students develop collaborative team working, creative problem solving and effective communication skills – all essential skills in todays universities, business and society.  So, not only are our Year 7 students moving in the right direction for their own wellbeing.


Academic Excellence

Our students were excited and engaged in their learning this week and are looking forward to applying their knowledge in the follow-up activities that are planned for them.  Engaged and curious students with experienced teachers and practitioners are one of the reasons Dulwich College Suzhou attains such high academic rankings and students are ready to attend the top university of their choice.

With thanks to New Life Clinic

DCSZ would like to thank the team at New Life Clinic for their support in sharing real world insights on health and wellbeing to our students and for their commitment to promoting proactive health management in our students and our community.