Come to Join Us for Our Junior School Drama Production


Upcoming: DCSZ Seussical

It is the time of the year that we are going to enjoy the Junior School drama production. This year the show will take place on 26 March, and it will be Seussical, a musical based on many famous Dr. Seuss stories!

In the previous term, on 2 February, our Year 3 students successfully performed a marvelous production titled "Eddie the Penguin Saves the World." The story of the show effectively conveyed the importance of sustainability, and the students presented this theme in a captivating and engaging manner. 

The Year 3 production is a shining example of the benefits our students derive from participating in drama. This week, we have had the pleasure of introducing Ms Merrill Woodruff, the Junior School music teacher who played a key role in planning the production, to share her insights about the show.

Why was "Eddie the Penguin Saves the World" chosen for this performance? 

The story of Eddie the Penguin focuses on sustainability and Eddie’s journey to save the world from climate change. This production prompted students to reflect on their impact on the planet and encouraged them to take action through teaspoons of change. Throughout our preparations, we engaged in many discussions about sustainability, allowing Year 3 students to better understand their role in saving the planet. One song sparked a great conversation about CO2 emissions, with the students expressing a desire to persuade all their parents to purchase electric cars!  

The story generated meaningful discussions and the music provided opportunities for students to enhance their vocal and instrumental technique. Students were able to develop their singing voices, make music together as an ensemble, and practice accompanying melodies using xylophones.  

Our rehearsal time was split between mastering musical aspects of the show and developing an understanding of the script and characters. Many of the characters are animals, which allowed the students to embrace their playful side while learning to imitate the movements and behaviours of polar bears and penguins.  We discovered that it is very difficult to move quickly when waddling like a penguin and had lots of fun exploring movement and body language as it relates to animals.  

What were some valuable lessons or skills that students learned from participating in this performance?

Experience in Drama greatly contributes to the development of English speaking and listening skills among the students. Each student dedicated themselves to memorizing lyrics and lines and practiced hard to deliver them with clarity and precision. Students discovered the many ways we can use our voices, faces, and bodies to express ourselves and communicate with others. 

Additionally, participating in productions builds confidence and fosters a sense of community. Each student played an integral role in the performance, and actively contributed to set design, choreography, and costuming. Thanks to the efforts of Mrs Michelle Roux and the creation of the Junior School Costume Closet, we were able to use primarily recycled and re-used materials for all costumes and sets. Students even contributed to designing the promotional poster and invitations for the show. This experience provided them with a comprehensive understanding of the many aspects involved in production. The entire process was truly student-led, and the students felt a tremendous sense of pride in their collective accomplishments. Some of them were a bit nervous to perform on stage, but they overcame their fears and did a remarkable job.

As a music teacher, how do you believe drama can contribute to the development of students' music skills?

Participating in drama helps students develop valuable performance skills. It enables them to express themselves more effectively, and present their work proudly - skills which can be easily transferred to music performances. As students gain experience on stage, they become more and more confident as performers.  

While an audience sees only the final performance, there is a lot of behind-the-scenes work and preparation that goes into a production. Students learned rehearsal techniques, evaluated their work, and came to realize that a performance does not always need to be perfect for it to be a success. This understanding empowers them to embrace the learning process and appreciate that growth, reflection, and improvement are integral to any artistic practice.  

Our students are all excited after performing. They express how they feel about the production: 

“ It feels incredibly rewarding to perform on stage. Although I've participated in productions before, I feel that this time I did even better. I've learned so much, and if given another opportunity, I would definitely do it again!” -Sylvia F

“ I'm filled with excitement and happiness about this production. I play the role of the cowboy penguin. ”-Oliver S

“ I portray the car driver in the production. I felt nervous at first with so many eyes on me. However, after numerous rehearsals, I gained confidence and felt ready to perform on stage.” -Donguk, K

“ It's been an incredible experience overall. The most enjoyable part for me was the dancing. I absolutely love the dance routines, and we even had the chance to create some of our own movements. ” -Jiyoon K

“ I'm thrilled to be playing the Penguin Chick character. It's been an amazing experience for me. At first, I felt nervous, but once I saw my parents sitting in the audience, watching me with pride, my confidence soared. I particularly love the dance and singing parts.” -Jaehee W

“ I portray the Pirate Penguin. I felt nervous in the beginning. But do you want to know how I overcame it? It's because I strive to be the best penguin out there!” -Andy K


As mentioned earlier, now with the guidance from Ms Woodruff, the Junior School is gearing up for Seussical scheduled to take place on 26 March. Ticket booking system has been open from lunch time for our parents. 

Let us get ready to witness our students shining brightly on stage once again!