Come to Join our Ecobricks Workshop – 7 November!

“With the practice of ecobricks, I only need to take out the rubbish from my house once per week, “ said Carol Hung, our parent who initiated the ecobrick project for our community.

Ecobricks, is a sustainable way to use plastics waste and can be a new solution for reducing home waste and carbon pollution in our daily lives. This easy hands-on process can also increase our children and the community’s awareness of protecting the environment. A full explanation about this concept can be found here:

Last week, Carol Hung our DCSZ parent who initiated the Ecobricks project, came to school to show some of our parents how to make ecobricks. In fact, last year, many of our Junior School students already tried it during Earth Day, and now we are expanding the project to the whole community.

At DCSZ, sustainability is key part of our school priorities so we are committed to delivering great projects such as Ecobricks to our community.

We would like to invite parents to join Carol for her next ecobricks workshop on 7 November at 1:00pm.

We will show you how to make fun items such as a stool and Christmas Tree out of ecobricks. Please send an email to: if you are interested. We look forward to seeing you there.