Class of 2022 University Offer Updates

So far the DCSZ Class of 2022 holds 106 university acceptances & offers across 6 different countriesand regions. Last week we were excited to see Grace X received an offer to study Computer Science at University College London (UCL). We also applaud Ariel L for obtaining an offer to study Economics at the prestigious London School of Economics (LSE) - Ariel is the second student in the history of Dulwich College Suzhou to receive an offer from LSE. 

With our students boasting such a wide range of interests, it is inspiring to see how their future plans beyond Dulwich are taking shape. From Lisa L, who sent one application and was accepted to her dream school in Singapore (Lasalle College of the Arts), to Luna C, whose determination has resulted in a scholarship that will allow her to attend her first-choice university in Spain (University of Navarra), we wholeheartedly congratulate all of our students for their successes!

As highly selective institutions around the world continue to receive larger volumes of applications, there is no doubt that DCSZ students are competitive on the global admissions stage. We believe that this is due to the way our students demonstrate their identity, values, and experiences throughout the application process. With students from this year’s cohort receiving offers to institutions such as UCL (4), Imperial College London, LSE, and University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), we know that this is the culmination of each student’s individual drive and commitment.

Courses/majors including:

✴ Architecture

✴ Aviation

✴ Biomedical Engineering

✴ Business Management

✴ Computer Science

✴ Economics

✴ Education

✴ Electrical Engineering

✴ Finance

✴ Fine Art 

✴ Forensic Science

✴ Graphic Design

✴ Laboratory Medicine

✴ Law

✴ Mathematics

✴ Neuroscience

✴ Psychology

✴ Theoretical Physics

Throughout the challenges we’re facing during the pandemic, the counselling team continues to work behind the scenes to advocate for students and provide opportunities for connection and growth. We’ve recently received some questions from parents that are concerned about how the current circumstances could potentially impact their child’s future university applications. However, the counsellors are actively supporting students and families in these areas through a variety of ways, including:

Additional individual and group meetings with students and parents

We are holding increased individual and group meetings with the current Year 12 cohort, and we believe these opportunities to openly communicate are helping each student to stay on track with their university research and preparation. Additionally, we always encourage students in years 10-13 to engage with universities through virtual pathways – such as virtual tours, virtual university visits, and by attending informational webinars. 

EiM Group-wide workshops with world-leading universities

Being part of a network of schools brings significant power and voice to our students. A tremendous example of this is the ongoing series of workshops established by EiM that provides exclusive opportunities for Dulwich students to connect with leading global universities. We’ve already held sessions with Dartmouth College and University of Cambridge, and we look forward to upcoming events with institutions such as: University of Leiden in the Netherlands, Princeton University, and next week’s workshop with New York University.

Fun facts about New York University:

QS world’s No.35 university this year

NYU has received more DCI alumni than any other university in the United States (54), and the third most of any university in the world, behind UCL (141) and University of Toronto (100)

Working with universities proactively and advise about our specific situation

Additionally, the Counsellors are keeping universities up to date with the specific obstacles that our students are facing, as we have recently been in communication with a variety of institutions across the USA, Hong Kong, Europe, and Korea. As university admissions officers closely watch global trends, we ensure that they understand our specific school context through engagement in the largest professional counselling organisations, and through other direct advocacy methods such as our DCSZ school profile and recommendation letters.