Celebrating Art with our DCSZ Art Exhibition and CCA

At Dulwich College Suzhou, we provide multiple opportunities for students to develop in holistic education. Our art exhibition across Senior School and Junior School at the end of last term is a wonderful testimony of this.

Dulwich College Suzhou students were extremely busy in their Art lessons last term, exploring a range of techniques, methods, artists and media. The Term 1 Exhibition showcased the student’s diverse range and achievements. 

Year 7 students presented their Michael Craig Martin-inspired still life pieces evolved from learning the fundamental principles of Art. Year 8 explored Cubism and proudly presented their semi-abstract collage and sculpture outcomes, whilst Year 9 showcased their mixed media Jim Dine-inspired mechanical madness outcomes. Year 10 offered a range of works highlighting their impressive, diverse abilities, whilst Year 11 exhibited their creative and personalised coursework portfolios.

Art invites students into perspectives and ways of life different from their own, which helps foster a sense of empathy and a deeper understanding of the world. It has the power to shape individual and collective personalities. 

Art is Universal. It's not localised and isn't exclusive to any particular culture, region or country, a key attribute for our internationally minded students. Art stimulates the imagination and opens the heart and mind to possibilities that fuel independent and creative thinking. 

In addition to developing fine motor skills and fundamental drawing techniques, Art at Dulwich aims to foster students’ observation and problem-solving skills. The various curriculums provide students with opportunities to explore their creativity, developing their practical skills and fundamental life skills that can apply to multiple pathways. Being part of an exhibition boosts students’ self-esteem and gives them a sense of accomplishment.

Our Dulwich College Suzhou Years 3 to 6 have also been getting in on the action with our Junior school Art CCA.  In Term 1, Junior School Art CCA embarked on theme of “Wanderlust”. Without the ability to travel for a while, we wanted to transport and expose you to the stunning scenes worldwide. We hope to spark and inspire you to consider visiting the places one day!

In Junior School Art CCA, students try out different art materials and themes not covered in their Art curriculum learning. The projects vary in length, simplicity, and resources. At the end of each CCA term, we will celebrate students’ hard work and effort through an exhibition to showcase the amazing artwork they have produced.

Whatever your age, art is a wonderful way to let your mind travel, get creative and feel the joy of creating something new at DCSZ.