Amazing UKMT Olympiad Results from DCSZ UKMT

This week we are delighted to announce the recently received results from the UKMT Junior Challenge. Our Year 11 students: Chad B and Rachel J qualified for the Hamilton Olympiad. Chad B also received a very prestigious Merit. Year 10 student Su Min C qualified for the Cayley and received a very impressive Merit. 

In the Junior Mathematics Challenge, 64% of our students were ranked with a medal (internationally only 40% of students get medals) with 14 students receiving a gold medal. Year 8 student Roy B even scored “Best in School”. 

Let us see what our students say about their good results: 

Chad B - "I want to thank my teacher Ms Chafer for her patience. She always helps me when I come across a difficulty."

Roy B - "Mr Lithgo always helps me to expand my maths knowledge and teach me how to challenge myself."

Su Min C - “I want to say thank you because my maths teacher Mr Lithgo gives me this opportunity to attend this competition. He also gives me practices and resources.”

Rachel J - “My maths teacher Mr Lithgo helps me to solve problems. What’s more, he also gave me Olympics papers to practice.”

With their passion in maths, our students learn from the teachers and build confidence in maths. Congratulations to our wonderful students!

Background Information 


The United Kingdom Mathematics Trust (UKMT) is a world-renowned company based at the University of Leeds who engage and enthuse students about Mathematics through their enrichment activities and competitions. It is also a charity founded in 1996 and its main goal is to help with the education of Children of math in UK. 

UKMT is a channel to select contestants for the International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO). UKMT will select outstanding students through a series of mathematics competitions and finally six people stand out and represent the United Kingdom to participate in the IMO. There are three-level (Junior, Intermediate, and Senior) individual maths competitions organized by UKMT. More than 600 thousand students join every year. It is the largest and most influential national mathematics competition in the UK.